-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Bustopher being sick and my going to Arisia - NOT :(

I talked to the other vet in the office about his Ultrasound report, and it's BAD news.

* A large mass in the small Intestine
* Lymphosarcoma

The vet I talk to was talking about biopies, chemo or maybe a long term cortisone shots.

I made a appt. to see his vet for tomorrow, I will post more about this after I talk to her.

Please say A Prayers for Him!

Oh I guess I will not be at Arisia - but I will know more tomorrow.

Oh a side note: I talk (well via txt) with the person who gave (bad choice of a word) him to me and it looks like I been spelling his name wrong all these years - it's Bustapher. But For now I'll keep it with the "O".
Tags: bustopher

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