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finally my Boskone 45 (2008) report [Feb. 24th, 2008|10:55 pm]
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Ok here is finally my Boskone 45 (2008) report --- only a week late [and therefor so short].

3:40ish I got to South Station (on Amtrak's 2158) somewhat on time, and went outside to catch the #7
(which I found out doing some research was a lot better then the bus suggested by boskone itself).
Waited only about 5 mins for the "7" and a few minutes later I got off right at the bottom of
the steps leading to the hotel.

After checking into the hotel and the Con, I found badgerthorazine.

Did a walk thought of the Dealers Room and started to spend money :-)

Later in the evening Badger and I met up with someone she was buying a scooter from.

9pm Went to the Otis: "Writing Erotica That Appeals to Most Sexes" panel in Otis. On the panel were
panelists were Darlene Marshall (who was moderating), Beth Bernobich, Teresa Nielsen Hayden, and Cecilia Tan.


During the day did more spending the the dealers room and check out the are show a little and the con Suite.

7PM I was planning to go to "Dragonslair: Bedtime Stories for the Young and Old" reading by shadesong and was
about to go, but could not get my friend badger on the radio we use to keep in contact during cons with so I went to find
her [she went to the 6pm "Literary Beer" with Jeffrey A. Carver and Craig Shaw Gardner]. Well I found out that she fell down
in the bar and went boom [due to the floor and not what she drank - which was Ginger Ale]! I go her back to our hotel room and had her ankle wrapped [Like to thank the wonder hotel staff specially "Mike" who is also an EMT].

2pm Went to the Autographing session of Charles Stross and Cecilia Tan
3:30pm checked out the Dead Dog Filk
9:00pm checked out the Dead Dog party in the con suite

On Monday First got Badger home [by cab] and then got to South Station for my 6:40 Train and got back to NYC by 10:50 and home
in Queens by 11:45.

[User Picture]From: badgerthorazine
2008-02-25 05:29 am (UTC)
Well at least I fell down in the bar, which was right in front of the front desk, rather than someplace entirely else where there wouldn't have been so many people there to help me...even though falling down in a bar after really not drinking just seems unfair to me. :P
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[User Picture]From: lordlnyc
2008-02-25 05:36 am (UTC)
True, and I also forgot to tell about all the wonderful hotel staff that came to your aid specially "Mike". [I also notice some typos that need fixing]
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