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BTW: I have also heard of Dr. Klein (the New York Area Bisexual Network [NYABN] had its web page on bisexual.org for years).

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From my email, a fund for at least one bi activist (and other bi folks) who have been immediately affected by the hurricane:

Hurricane Katrina Bisexual Relief Fund

http://www.bimagazine.org and the Bisexual Foundation have set up a Katrina Bisexual Relief Fund to help with bisexual evacuees from New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. We have identified at least 4 people who after a horrible time in the aftermath of the hurricane have luckily managed to find their way to the outside. Two of them are being sheltered at the home of Gigi Wilbur Raven in Houston, one person is in Indiana and one is in a hospital (with pneumonia) in San Antonio. I personally have spoken to Jamie Joy Gatto, a bi activist and heard how she has lost everything house, car and all her possessions. She has no money or job at the moment and if it were not for the generosity of Gigi who knows how she would be surviving at the moment. Her boyfriend Ben Wells also has lost everything and is staying at Gigi's. Hope Gordon, their close friend, is now traveling down to Houston from Indiana to be with them.
Their main need at the moment is a van so that they can travel, sleep in it, visit Adrian Hunter in the hospital and see where they will finally settle. They are thinking of Austin or San Antonio. They have no money to buy this van so Bisexual Foundation has agreed to set up this fund to buy this van for them.
We are asking the bisexual community to adopt these folks and donate as much as possible so that they can get this van. Time is of the essence. In addition, once we are able to buy this van, the Foundation will give money to other worthy bisexual and L/G/T evacuees.

Please send your generous Tax Deductible (501C3) donation to:
Bisexual Foundation
4545 Park Blvd. #206
San Diego, CA 92116

Make out your check to: BF/Katrina

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please contact me, Fritz Klein, at fritzklein@cox.net
President of Bisexual Foundation

I can personally vouch for Fritz, as can many people I know. We're not friends (though I once gave him a ride in my car), but he's got years of credibility in the bi community and we have mutual friends.


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