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[Sep. 13th, 2005|03:37 pm]
I was ask to pass on this information. I do so without commenting on it.

- Larry -

Posted by request....


I asking for personal assistance in getting the word out about this. Please
forward to all your lists. We really need to help these folks, they have


Please distribute freely Media Inquiries:

September, 2005 Victoria Gayton:

General Inquiries:

Catherine Gross: notnilla@nyc.rr.com


Catherine Gross (FetishAuctioneer.com), Ms. Victoria, and Viola Johnson are
sponsoring a fundraiser to help members of the New Orleans leather
community. So many have lost everything in the wake of Katrina's
devastating impact, and we want to help them rebuild their lives and
communities. While many individuals and organizations are contributing
their time, money and support to the relief effort, it is our hope that a
concerted group effort will enable us to offer even more to extended members
of our leather family who are in desperate need.

This fundraiser will be in the form of a contest, which will be open to
clubs, events and e-mail lists. The group contributing the largest
collective donation will win a basket stocked full of erotic goodies from
Fetish Auctioneer, valued at $250.00. All funds collected will be split
50/50 between two major leather clubs in New Orleans: Lords of Leather and
N.OB.L.E. Both clubs are still attempting to locate all of their members,
and they assume, due to the location of their event and/or play spaces, that
they have lost everything; in addition, some members of both clubs have lost
everything they own. Funds will be distributed by the respective officers
of both clubs to those members with the greatest need. The contest will run
from September 7, 2005 through October 20, 2005.

Donations will be accepted through a special Pay Pal account. Everyone
donating is asked to list their e-mail list name, event name or local club
in the "message" section. Totals will be monitored and tallied by
Catherine's assistant, Jen, via an Excel spreadsheet which will be updated

For information about how to make a donation, to see current donations, or
to get details on the prize basket being donated by Fetish Auctioneer,
visit: http://www.fetishauctioneer.com/nolacharity/nola.htm

The winner of the basket will be announced on October 21, 2005, via press

Our club brothers and sisters in New Orleans are in need of our help and
support, so please help us get the word out by distributing this release to
any e-mail lists or other contacts you might have!

Catherine Gross