-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

A Public Apology

This is a public apology to someone who's LJ I read but they do not read mine, but people she knows do read mine. [I did post this to her LJ]. I hope she reads and accepts this.


I want to say that I am sorry that what I said made you fell uncomfortable.
Yes, we have known each other for over 12 years [including the years you where out west and we had no contact at all] and yes I know that you have NEVER expressed any interest in me in any way execpt maybe as a friend [and ONLY as a friend] and please understand that yes I do accept and know that nothing beyond that is ever going to happend between us.

I see now that my "flirtation" did go way overboard and I am truely sorry that it did. I would like to chalk it up to the fact that It was late and I have not been sleep well as of late, but I do not want to use that for a valid excuse because when you make a FRIEND feel uncomfortable there
truely is no EXCUSE.

In the future, I will be more carefull what I say and again I am sorry.
Tags: sorry
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