-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

What I am doing later today....

[First, Yes I know it's Mother's day, and yes I did call her.]

You are welcome to join me at today's TriState Poly Discussion Group meeting. The meeting is at New York Spaces, 131 West 72nd Street (between Broadway and Columbus) look for the red door (their phone # is 212-799-5433) from 5:00pm to 7:00pm. Potluck snacks or beverages are always welcome. Informal dinner afterward at nearby restaurant.

The Tristate Poly Discussion Group will be doing somthing special this month here is the event description:

For the month of May, we are going to do a skit/role play activity for the first hour of the discussion group. People can split up into small groups, work on presenting a skit for 5-10 min, and then present the skit to the rest of the people there!

Here are some skit ideas:

* Talking on the phone with another while in company of another, who has
issues around it. Talking it out.
* jealousy vs. compersion a realization.
* dealing with STD risk among a group, how do you talk about it.
* Talking to people who are not poly.
* "Coming Out" as poly, when, where, with whom.
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