-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

I could use some help doing the Manhattan [NYC] Pride March on the 29th

June 29th is the NYC Pride March and I am looking for people that might be available to march with me and the New York Area Bisexual Network and help with Bi visibility.

You do not have to be bisexual to march with us.

Oh, if you have not heard The NYABN HAVE A NEW BANNER! Last month I obtain a new one for them! So please come out and help me carry the NEW banner and be among the FIRST to march with] it!

Here is the march information:

Bi groups are in Section 10 (Bi/Trans/Political Movement/Politicians) this year and will be lining up at 12:30 PM on 54th St. Between 5th & 6th.

If you make it Please try to get there before that, say at the latest NOON, so we can get organized and talk.
I will try to be there around 11:30-11:45 AM because I am the Group's Marshall I have to be there earlier.

You can also look at this page here for some Parade Info, Pictures from the 2007 March and a picture of the new banner: http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/86126/

So PLEASE let me know if you can make it (or not).

Hope to see you on the 29th

Happy Pride!

[Feel free to post comments - questions]

Poll #1206633 Help me on June 29th 2008

Can you help me with the banner?

Yes, I will be there!
Maybe, not sure yet [leaning - Yes]
Maybe, not sure yet [leaning - No]
Sorry no, but I will be there waving and taken pictures which I will send to you
Sorry no, I am unable to be there
Tags: nyabn, pride

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