-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

I should be at the TriState Polyamory fourth Thursday munch tomorrow

I am planning to go to the "TriState Polyamory fourth Thursday munch" tomorrow. I hope to see some of you local poly people there.

The munch is held at "Empire Szechuan Village", 173 7th Avenue South New York City (Between Perry Street & 11th Street) From 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm.

TriState Poly is a social and discussion group; we gather for conversation, company, and, generally, food. Newcomers are welcome.

Subway directions: take the 1/9 line to the 14th Street Station. Go few blocks SOUTH on 7th Avenue. It's on the left hand side of the road.

For more information, contact tristatepoly@egroups.com or visit http://www.polyamory.org/nynj/.
restaurant: 212/243-6046.
Tags: much, poly

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