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Please help my online friend free_of_whip help some friends of hers. [Jan. 29th, 2009|03:49 pm]

An online friend free_of_whip post a request for help some friends of
hers to win a wedding photo contest.

Here is the post:

Please go here, and vote for Kelly & Tim to win the wedding photo contest giveaway. They are only about 50 votes behind at the moment, and the contest closes Friday!

Why should they win? Well, just look at this line from their entry: "A good friend of ours, a fifty-something fabulously gay pagan massage therapist, is our officiant." I'm assuming most of my friends' list can relate to that. ;-)

Oh, and if you have voted before, you can still vote again.

As of this posting they are way behind, please if you can, vote for them

Thank you

[User Picture]From: indifferenthues
2009-01-29 11:32 pm (UTC)

but also suggest you might want to x-post this (locked and under lj-cut) to a couple of communities such as bipolypagangeek
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