-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Pre Con Report - Boskone

I am in the lobby using the only "free" WiFi they have at this Hotel. Had a wonderful train ride up and even got to South Station a few mins early. Got a #7 Bus almost right away which dropped be right in front of the hotel [well I and to climb some steps :-)].

Check in was quick and painless. After I dropped off everything in my room I went back to the lobby to wait for badgerthorazine to get here. As luck would have it, when I go downstairs, I saw J dropping her off so I want outside to help unload the car and put her scooter together.

After getting her in the room, we went downstairs to has lunch/dinner in the Irish Pub in the lobby, which by the way is very nice - a bit pricey but very nice.

After we ate, we went to help do Art shop set-up, which is in a different wing of the hotel from where it was last year [dealers room and con suite will also be in this new room]. We put together the peg boards for Art show for about 3.5 hours and then went to bed.

Well more later as time and mood allows.

I know I have typos - will edit as time allows.
Tags: boskone, con report

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