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I need some activist help on Sunday March 1th! [Feb. 19th, 2009|12:46 pm]
[Tags|, ]

I need help getting two banners carried as well as having people march behind the banners for two groups that I am on the Board of on March 1th.

The groups are (1) the Queens Chapter of PFLAG and (2) the New York Area Bisexual Network (NYABN).

The Parade is the 10th Annual St. Patrick's for all Parade.

If you can help please reply here or email me at: willhelp@pflag-queens.org and/or willhelp@nyabn.org


PS: Please make note of the parade route information below:

The 10th Annual St. Patrick's Parade & Irish Fair
Sunday, March 1nd, 2009 line-up is 1:30PM (Kicks-off is at 2:00PM SHARP!)
Starting point is 43rd st and Skillman Ave.
end point is: 60th St. and Woodside Ave.

We should meet on 43rd street, near the corner of 43rd street and Skillman Ave [there is a park fence there] around 1:15PM

Feel free to pass this request around