-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

NYC PRIDE PARADE INFO - Come march with me and the NYABN on the 28th

Come march with the New York Area Bisexual Network and help with Bi visibility on June 28th!

We will be in Section 10, lining up at 12:30 PM on 54th St. Between 5th & 6th. Please try to get there before that, at the latest NOON, so we can get organized.

I will try to be there before Noon [11:30-11:45 AM.] Because I am the Group's Marshall, I believe I have to be there much earlier.

So who is planning to come? PLEASE let me know! We need a huge BI turnout this year!

Remember that Sunday will be not only the 40th anniversary of Stonewall but the 4th anniversary of Brenda Howard's passing [she is the BISEXUAL woman who founded the NYC pride march!]

We need a big Bisexual Contingent to remind the world that it was a BISEXUAL WOMAN that started this march! [Google her name]

Tell your friends, SEND your friends, BRING your friends!

Bring signs tell the rest of the GLBT community that bisexuals exists and who Brenda was!

You can reply here and please also please email us at willhelp@nyabn.org

Happy Pride!

[Feel free to post comments - questions]

I also have a poll......

Poll #1420615 Can you help Carry the NYABN Banner on June 28 2009

Are you able to make the Bisexual Contingent larger?

Sorry, can't be there.
Maybe, not sure at this time.
Sorry, can't march but will take/send pictures
Tags: bi-pride, brendahoward, march

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