November 21st, 2005

Brenda and Larry on May 22 2005

The speech that I gave when I was given the Brenda Howard Memorial Award

I forgot to post the speech I gave at the Queens Chapter of PFLAG's Award luncheon on Nov 6th where I go the 1st Annual Brenda Howard award so here it is.

- Larry -

Good afternoon Lady and gentleman.

When the Queens chapter of PFLAG first voted me the Brenda Howard award, the first thing that came to mind was the line from the movie “Wayne’s world” and to paraphrase it “I’m not worthy!”

I would have loved to have seen that the Brenda Howard award go to a bisexual activist like herself, one who has worked 36+ years for the BLGT cause. I believed that what I have done over the last 12+ years does not stack up to the work that Brenda did. But the board and everyone else that I talk to must know me better than I know myself.

While writing this speech I tried to find out if there were any other awards named for a bisexual. I did find an award that is given from time to time by the Australian Bisexual Network named [Renildo Jose dos Santos Memorial Award for Bisexual Activism] for a Brazilian politician who was murdered after coming out as a bisexual. I also found other awards outside the USA but they were not a memorial award or named for someone. So I guess I am safe to say that the Brenda Howard Memorial Award is the first memorial award in the USA to be named for an out BISEXUAL woman that is given for bisexual activism, as well as for activism in the whole BLGT community.

I am not the best of writers nor am I a good speaker either; action is what I do best. So I am going to close now by also congratulating the other Honorees: Nila Marrone, [Former President, NYC Chapter, and PFLAG] who was awarded the “Morty Manford Award”, the Hon. Melinda Katz, [NYC Councilperson for the 29th District] who was awarded the “Carmel Tavadia Award”, and to Malachy McCourt who was given a special award from the chapter.

Thank you!

[The Brenda Howard Award recognizes an individual or organization whose work on behalf of the bisexual community (as well as the whole BLGT community) best exemplifies the pioneering and political spirit of the late bisexual Activist and "mother of pride" Brenda Howard.]