November 15th, 2006

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South African Parliament Approves Same-Sex Marriages

Sometimes you read GOOD news in the paper...From The New York Times...

South African Parliament Approves Same-Sex Marriages

JOHANNESBURG, Nov. 14 — Parliament on Tuesday voted resoundingly to legalize same-sex marriages in South Africa, making the nation the first in Africa and the fifth in the world to remove legal barriers to them, according to advocates.

The nation’s highest court ruled last December that South Africa’s marriage statute violated the Constitution’s guarantee of equal rights. The court gave the government a year to alter the legal definition of marriage.

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me on Dec 1 2005

Paid users can get a free extra week of LJ

Been meaning to post this to my LJ since I first saw it. Thanks to cyan_blue for the "reminder" to post this to my LJ.

Because LJ had a major outage last week, they are offering a free week to paid members. The offer applies only to active paid accounts during the outage window from Friday (11/03/06 at 12:01am GMT) through Monday (11/06/06 ending 11:59pm GMT). The extension claim expires on Monday, 11.20.06 (at 11:59pm GMT).

See for all the details.