March 22nd, 2007

My Fandom is Random II

My lunacon 2007 report...........finally

I guess it's time to post a lunacon con report.

Got there on Thursday like always had great connections going there
(NYC Bus -> NYC Subway -> short walk -> Metro North -> cab -> hotel.

As in years past I helped out in the Art show During the weekend.

Went to the "LiveJournal Meet & Greet" and "GLBT Meet & Greet"
Friday Late-night into Saturday I did something I NEVER did at a Lunacon before: I was on panels!, two of them ("Bondage in Brundage" and "Fetish Etiquette") and had a wonderful time.

Of the panels I wanted to check out but missed was "Coming out of the Poly Armoire" (which is like one of the panels that I did at arisia)

LJ Friends I saw there:

badgerthorazine and Jeremy, rosefox and sinboy,
mistypen, jbadger, nancylebov, debkitty, nightstalker, wafflesmcduff, nosebeepbear
[and many of the people that are on CONCON but I do not know what their LJ, if any, are]

New LJ People I met:
xoder, mashfanficchick, bikergeek

LJ people I did not get to see (did not run into them or they could not make it):
madfilkentist, ceciliatan and corwin_, dcseain, happypete and prettypammie , persis, running_girl4

That's all the LJ I can remember for now...will edit later. I will also add more information when I can.