January 14th, 2009


Arisia 2009 Schedule and a poll

Here is my Arisia panel Schedule if anyone wants to find me:
[All are on the Lifestyles track except "Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom" which is on the Fandom track. I have also include the room where it will be held

11:00 PM BDSM for Dummies Paul Revere A

3:00 PM Alternative Lifestyles and Fandom Crispus Attucks
9:00 PM Your Kink is Okay Paul Revere B

6:00 PM Coming Out Stories Paul Revere B
9:00 PM BDSM and Geeks William Dawes A
10:00 PM Home Depot in the Bedroom William Dawes B

The rest of the time I get to SEE the con - if I don't Volunteer to help in con suite again :)

I will be there tomorrow [Thursday] some time [if all goes right] around 4PM.

What about you?

Will you be at Arisia 2009?

Yes, I will get there on Thursday
Yes, I will get there on Friday
Yes, I will get there after Friday
A no clicky for people who need it.