July 3rd, 2009

white candles (2)

Life goes on, I guess.

It was four years ago today at 10AM
that we had the funeral Service for
my Brenda,
my Earthgirl
and the
"Mother of Pride"



On another note, today also would have been my sister's
(Marge Brambir - 1955-1998)
54nd Birthday
I miss her too!

It's days like this that make you think only of what your have lost and not of what you still have (or will have). I am truly thankful of all my friends (on and off line)!!!.
Thank you for allowing to share this with you.



I have been busy moving "stuff" in my apartment to get ready for the new heating system they will be putting in my building starting on Monday [for a full week].

Oh, if anyone wants to come over and help please let me know.