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I was born in the N-Y-C!!

This is my answer to a "poll Question" that sevenzerosix posted in in response to the following post in
nyctransit http://www.livejournal.com/community/nyctransit/2045.html?view=10749#t10749

Well I am a very QUEENS (NYC) Native.
* I was born in Flushing (The old Booth Memorial Hospital)
* First lived in Woodside the first 9.5 years of my life and currenty live in the same place/apartment that my family moved into in Northen Jamaica (near Main St/Union Turnpike).
* I went to Queens NYC public schools (PS12 and 117, JHS217, Hillcrest HS) and CUNY Colleges (Queensborough and York).
* I even worked my whole life in Queens.

- Larry -
Tags: nyc, queens

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