-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

I am going to Arisia in January.

Ok I am ready to go to arisia '06, a science fiction convention in Boston, that will be held the weekend of January 13-15, 2006.
Who else is going? Went last weekend before the strike and brought my train tickets.

I checked the proposed panels list on their webpage (http://www.arisia.org) and think that the following will be on my A-LIST.
230 ConSuite LiveJournal meet and greet 1:00 hr
48 Fan Interest BDSM and Geeks: Why? 1:00 hr
297 Fan Interest Do Submissive Androids Dream of Electric Doms? 1:00 hr
215 Fan Interest Home Depot in the Bedroom 1:00 hr
126 Fan Interest LiveJournal as a Social Medium 1:00 hr
228 Fan Interest Poly 101: Responsible Non-monogamy 1:00 hr
343 Fan Interest Poly 201: Varsity Poly 1:00 hr
96 Fan Interest Poly 302.3: Poly Parenting 1:00 hr
263 Fan Interest Unlocked: Secrets of LiveJournal Revealed 1:00 hr
69 FastTrack Back to School: Hogwarts vs. Xavier Institute 1:00 hr
332 Media Prog. A CLOCKWORK ORANGE -- 35th Anniversary 1:00 hr
265 Media Prog. Animation NC-17 and Beyond 1:00 hr
172 Media Prog. Anime 101 1:00 hr
327 Media Prog. FORBIDDEN PLANET - 50th Anniversary Panel 1:00 hr
312 Media Prog. The Future of Star Trek 1:00 hr
135 Media Prog. Firefly and Serenity 1:00 hr
347 Media Prog. DVDs Killed the TV Series 1:00 hr
An the following are currently on my B-list.
389 Media Prog. Arisia '06: The Film - The Filming 2:00 hr
369 Media Prog. Arisia '06: The Film - The Storyboard 1:00 hr
392 Media Prog. Arisia '06: The Film - The Viewing 1:00 hr


I might x-post this other places.
Tags: arisia, boston, cons

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