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Please sign this petition....

[Note it's now only 7 days]

Via Change.org

Stop the execution of Troy Davis, an innocent man in Georgia. Sign his sister’s petition.

Dear Friends,

Troy Davis has 10 days to live before he is executed by the State of Georgia. But 7 witnesses say Troy is innocent , and that another man committed the crime for which he will be killed.
With just days left to save Troy’s life, his sister Kim Davis started a petition on Change.org asking the Georgia Parole Board to stop his execution. Please add your name to Kim’s petition now and save her brother’s life.

Evidence presented at Troy’s trial was considered shaky at the time. Since then, seven witnesses have recanted their testimony , many saying they were pressured by police into false testimony.

There’s no physical evidence Troy committed the crime. And, according to Amnesty International, nine people have signed affidavits implicating another man.

Georgia’s Board of Parole and Pardons has said there should be "no doubt" about a person’s guilt before he is executed. You can tell the Board there’s simply too much doubt about Troy’s guilt to kill him next week.

Please click here to add your name to Kim Davis' petition asking the Georgia Parole Board to stop her brother’s execution, then forward this email to everyone you know:


Thanks for being a change-maker,

- Michael and the Change.org team

P.S. Kim has a goal of reaching 20,000 signatures by Tuesday. Once you sign, will you forward this email widely to help her reach that goal?

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