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News about badgerthorazine

If you know badgerthorazine aka Badger aka Alice Washburn this is very serious and bad news about her.

Information put behind cuts.

Dec 1

Prayer request:

For those of you who have not heard yet, our good friend Badger (Alice E. Washburn) is in Massachusetts General Hospital in a medical coma.

This is what I have been told so far from friends and family that live near Badger:
What is believe is that on or near 11/16 when she broke her leg that most likely fat
from the bone marrow was released into her bloodstream and which caused her to go into lung failure. There is not much they can do except keep her body supported while her lungs repair themselves, a process that is likely to take weeks. She is now in a medical coma, and is on the maximum amount of machine-supported breathing assistance. She's also fighting infection and they're keeping an eye out for blood clots.

This is pretty serious stuff and we are all sure that her partner Jeremy would appreciate the support of friends now. Please send Badger as much positive healing energy and prayers that you can spare!

Information Via persis Thorndike, Patricia Washburn and others not on Facebook.

Dec 6
Her sister said that....

She is much the same and will probably be in a coma for at least another couple of weeks. She is very critically ill, and while she has a good chance of recovering, it is going to be a very long haul before she is able to go to cons again.

Dec 8 AM
Update on badger Via persis Thorndike (about 1AM 12/8/2011)

I went in to see Badger/Alice E. Washburn this evening. She is looking good, has some colour, and the nurses are braiding her hair in a very regular basis. Still in medically induced coma, but her nurse Crystal said she is continuing to make infinitesimal positive babysteps. I read Tanya Huff's short story, I'll Be Home For Christmas, hung some pictures on the poster, and read some fb updates and well wishes. Please continue the positive prayers, energy and thoughts.
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