-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Update News about badgerthorazine

Here is the latest update on badgerthorazine aka Badger aka Alice Washburn.

Via persis Thorndike
Just back from seeing Badger Alice E. Washburn, read her anotherTanya Huff story, Burning Bright (from the Relative Magic collection of short stories) and updated her on the latest well wishes. Nurse said she had been more alert earlier today, was able to respond to the psych who came in this am, despite still being fairly heavily medicated. Just before I got in, they had to turn her and clean her, so she was back up to higher levels of O2, but while I was there, the levels came down a bit. Still a long way to go, but, PROGRESS! :-) Keep those positive energies and prayers coming.

Via Patricia Washburn Badger's sister
‎Alice E. Washburn is doing better, having moments of semi-awakeness even! I have a horrible cold so we won't be going to see her this weekend, but continue to be grateful for all the good wishes, prayers and thoughts headed her way.
Tags: badger, sick

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