-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Yom Kippur - 5773

To my fellow Jewish friends who will be celebrating Yom Kippur later tonight, may you all have an easy and meaningful Yom Kippur as well as a good year. And may we all be sealed in the book of good life.

I will be at the Javits Center tonight and tomorrow with CBST. You can too, CBST have a open-door policy and anyone can attend you just have to register on site for their Kol Nidre service when you get there. Doors open at 5:45pm (Try to be there by 6:15).

Oh, and if you are fasting:

צום קל [Som Qal] Have an easy and meaningful fast.

Ktivah V'chatima Tova - May you be inscribed and sealed for a good year.
Gamar chasima tova! - May you be inscribed (in the Book of Life) for Good


A pious Jew is not one who worries about his fellow man's soul and his own stomach; a pious Jew worries about his own soul and his fellow man's stomach.
Tags: brendahoward, cbst, jewish, l'shana tova, yahrzeit, yom kippur

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