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Now going on 9 months (take two)

I posted this to my LJ earlier today but its only shows up when I look at my entries page and not my friends page. I have another LJ user and it does not show up there as well. The only thing different is the earlier one had the backeddated turn on.

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It is now 9 months since we lost her, and I still miss her!!!

"May Her Memory Be for a Blessing"

If anyone is wondering, YES I am ok, I still feel that for the first year I need to do this. Afterwards I plan to post this only on special Anniversary dates (Yahrzeit, Birthday, High Holy Days, etc.)

This past weekend I did the "original GLBT expo" (see http://www.originalglbtexpo.com - for more info) that was at the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center in Manhattan. I was there as a board member of the Queens Chapter of PFLAG (http://www.pflag-queens.org) and The New York Area Bisexual Network (http://www.nyabn.org). The Bisexual Resource Center (http://www.biresource.org/) in Boston planned to be there (the spot was in their name), but they dropped out a few days before. Also with me and autographing copies of her work, was Ann Herendeen (http://www.annherendeen.com/index.html) the author of the new Bisexual Regency Romance novel, “Phyllida and the Brotherhood of Philander”.


it has been....

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