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18 Days and counting - I still miss her.

When into Manhattan to check out the posters I put up last week at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center (on 13th Street). I found that on the five boards that I put them on two were missing (bisexual and lesbian) so I replaced them. I then walked uptown on 7th Avenue (20th Street) to Hilton of Purple Passion. He posted one one memorial posters in his store. I then walked again uptown to the TES meeting that was being held at Paddles (on 26th street). While there I talked to Michael and he posted two in the club (one is in the woman's room). I did not stay for the party after the meeting, just to tired. Walked again this time downtown on 8th avenue to 23th street to get the E train home. I got home in about an hour.

- Larry -

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