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Posting for my friends at the "Bi Writers Association"

Call For Submissions “BEST BI SHORT STORIES”

Sending this along just in case it should find some interest here . . . if it's not for you, pass on by ~~ Thanks

*** Revised to contain Answers to Most Common Questions ***

What is a bi short story?  

Stories should have bi characters, themes, or situations.  

All genres such as fantasy, science-fiction, romance, historical, mystery, western, vampires, etc as well as contemporary fiction are encouraged.  Sex scenes in the context of a story are fine but not required.  Erotica not accepted, (that’s another book series.)  Stories can focus on relationships, romance, dating and sex, of course, but can also focus on friendship, family issues, workplace, community, art-making, spirituality, gender identity, pets, health, cooking, activism, gardening, sports and all endeavors of life that bi people do.  

Short stories should be of reasonable length and preferably in Word, (book will be 200-300 pages so your story should be maximum 15,000 words/30 pages but if it is that long it better be amazing.)  Deadline has not yet been imposed but we cant wait to see your work!  We plan to submit to traditional publishers: therefore we need to gather some material for the proposal.  However if all else fails we will self-publish.  

Format for submissions as follows:

  • Title page of manuscript should have in the upper left corner or centered on top;

  • Story title;

  • Author's pen name (or legal name if the same);

  • Author's legal name;

  • Email address;

  • street address and phone number.

Succeeding pages should preferably have across top:

  • Author's name;

  • Abbreviated title and page # above manuscript.

Submit as attachment along with bio (also as attachment) to: info@biwriters.org

This "Call For Submissions “BEST BI SHORT STORIES” is being sponsored by the Bi Writers Association and is open to ALL english speaking/reading/writing people everywhere. You do not have to be a member of the Bi Writers Association or even a member of their Yahoo Chat Group to to submit your work, [but all are invited to their website & to submit application to join].  And yes please do circulate WIDELY . . . will even ask the webmasters send you the fancy text to repost on your LJ, MySpace, what-have-you account if you should so desire.

Bonus for NYC area people -- Are you a working "out" bisexual-identified writer based out of the New York Tri-state area?  Submit a link to your website, an icon and a [short] paragraph & to be added onto the Working Writers section of the New York Area Bisexual Network's "A Literary Life' page.

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