-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Quick post before going to bed...

Just got home from the susan_wright Book and play party. Had a wonderful time, thank you Susan!

Had a bad time getting home. Due to a track brake somewhere in Queens, no trains went past Forest Hills (two stops short). Because of no Q60, I wound up walking the rest of the way.

Will edit later with more information.

-Larry -

Edit: 6:30pm
This is what happens when you get needed information from someone elses LJ: Apparently, it may not have been Steven Soderberg, but someone who looked like him. However, Buscemi was definitley there

EDIT: 3:30PM
Now that I have some sleep in (kind of - Bustopher want to be fed - did let me "rest").

Susan's party last night was a great success, If you forget the fact that (a) the weather sucked and (b) it being Good Friday and (c) Pesach.
There was a great crowd that was made up of people from both the alt sex and publishing communities. On top of that there was plenty of play going on and I bet a good time was had by all ;)

I even heard that there was even two celebrity sightings: Steve Buscemi and Steven Soderbergh [Apparently, they were filming a movie upstairs from the party and stopped in. [I saw them but did not know who they where]

Besides meeting susan_wright and her Husband, I saw my LJ friends alanesq and his wife lisavnyc as well as people I know from the Queens munch as well as Peggy's Paddle's munch (join the Queens Munch list for more infor).

Again, congrats to Susan for such a successful and wonderful evening.

More on my trip home:
My problems started when I took the F train home (34 street stop) and not the E. I did this because the F runs express in Queens that late at night while the E runs as a local. When we got to 47th street we was told that we would take the V's way to Queens. We went express till Continental Ave [After Roosevelt Ave we went on the local track].

At Continental Ave we was told that we would be delayed a "few" minutes. After 10 maybe 15 minutes we was told that do to a track break the train would go out of service and there would be no way of telling when service would be restored. This is when I left the subway.

When I came out of the subway at Continental/71 Ave there where a number of cabs and car services' there so I had that as a option as well. But since the weather was good and I did not mind the walk to much [it really a short walk - about a mile in total- done it before], just pissed that I had to do it at all [was reading Susan book]. The Q60 is one of the private buses that the city/MTA took over so I know it did not run "late nights". When I got to 78 ave and Queens blvd [Union Turnpike stop] I saw that the wait would be about 13-18 mins [it runs once an hour that time of night] and since it takes me about 10-15 to walk to my bus stop that what I did [so I just kept going]. BTW: I beat the bus by a few seconds :)

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