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Dr. Fritz Klein, noted Bisexual activist, is ill [Apr. 28th, 2006|12:45 am]
I am one of the webmasters for The New York Area Bisexual Network and one our senior members (Sheela Lambert) as being reporting the following:
Dr. Klein is on the board of bisexual.org.

Hey everyone--

I just found out that Fritz Klein is in the hospital recovering from emergency surgery. He emailed me from the hospital to explain why I had not heard from him. I dont know any more details except that he expects to be home sometime next week. Lets send our prayers, positive energy, white light, good thoughts...(whatever you usually do)...to him for a speedy recovery.
I was able to reach Tom, Fritz's partner in life and business, a few minutes ago who told me that Fritz has been diagnosed with non-operable pancreatic cancer and was told he has 2mos-1 year to live. He has opted for a new treatment that will hopefully shrink the tumor and make him feel better. Fritz is in good spirits and recovering from surgery in the hospital and expects to be released early next week to recover further at home. The surgery bypassed the blockage to the digestive system caused by the tumor but did not remove the tumor itself. The surgery was precipitated by 3 weeks of stomach pain.

Fritz can be reached by email for your love, hugs and good wishes at fritzklein@cox.net
and his partner Tom can be reached at info@indulgencebakery.com