-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Wish me luck

Today I going to be interviewed today by a person named Kimberly Gray (of 77filmsinc.com - she did "Life on Chrisopher St.) who is doing some kind of film on early pride (or someething like that).

I met her last weekend after the memorial for one of the "STONEWALL Veterans" (David West who passed away in April - he was the one who walk in front of the blue Cadillac "Stonewall Car" convertible). She was there making plans to interview some of the "vets" for her next film.

I asked her if she planned to have something in the film on the Bi community in the film and I also told her about Brenda. She then offered to interview me about Brenda - today at 3pm (It was 4pm but I spoke to her this morning and she changed it to 3pm).

I am now making up a CD with some of the few pictures I have of her to show her, I wish I had more.

I also have to get myself to Greenpoint Brooklyn. I have to take the E train to Queens Plaza area to get the B61 Bus on take the G train.

Please wish me luck


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