-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Bus ride from hell

I was planning to go to the 7PM Polymory meetup meeting tonight .

I worked in Oakland Gardens/Bayside Area and got on my first Bus about 6:10. If all went well I should have gotten there about 8PM the latest (I hoped).

Well, went I got to Union Turnpike and Sprigfield Blvd (a trip under 5 minutes), there was whole a lot of traffic on Union Turnpike. My 6-8 minute wait for the union Turnpike turned into an over 20 Minute wait. The trip to the Union Turnpike subway stop should have talke only 20 minutes. Well after getting to Parsons Blvd, about an hour later, I cancelled my plans and went home (I live not to far from there).

There was two problems on the Grand Central Parkway but I have only been able to find this story. I know that the traffic on Union Turnpike was backed up from Cross Island Parkway to I guess Queens Blvd.

Well maybe next month.

Tags: meetings, meetup, poly

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