-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Am I getting another message from the her

OK I went to a friend's (Mother and her Son) apartment tonight to feed their cats (6). Well while I was getting ready to leave I went over to one of the cats, who was sitting in a chair near the back door to "say Goodbye", and I saw another cat outside her backdoor just sitting there looking in. Well this cat that was outside could pass for our "Boots".

[note: Boot's pass away on Feb 4th 2004 a little over a year before Brenda did. Brenda was very upset when boot died and mourned for a long time for him.]

Well this cat just sat there looking in at me. I watched him/her for about 5 mins before I left.

With today being the 11 month since Brenda passed away I am wondering if she (or maybe both of them) is sending me a message.


I have to remember to scan and post a picture of Boots.
Tags: boots, brendahoward, message, twight zone

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