-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Bi Pride Idea

In posting information about the Heritage of Pride march for next Sunday on the yagoo group
"BiRequest" someone [not me] said in part ....

> ...
> We know that not all of you can participate. But please give it
> careful consideration. A large, enthusiastic, PROUD bunch of
> bisexual folks makes an important statement to the community. They
> say we're confused? In denial? That we don't really exist? Hey,
> look at this!!!
> It is important work. Somebody's gotta do it. We will be educating
> the masses. And it's going to be a lot of fun!
> ...

[I replied with the following .... what are your thoughts of my idea my LJ friends:]

I have been thinking of a idea.

Why not carry placards (signs usually on a poll or stick) reminding them
(HOP, et al ) that the pride march was started by a BISEXUAL WOMAN by
the name of Brenda Howard.

Like "We remember Brenda Howard, bisexual activist and founder of THIS

BTW If you have a copy of the HOP Pride guide, check out page 55 and you
will see the ad that I paid for in memory of Brenda.


co-webmaster nyabn.org

> ----- end of my reply

I am also thinking of posting this to some of the LJ bi communities.

Feel free to pass my idea around

Tags: brendahoward, pride


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