-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

My pride day report

Hi all.

Well as you know yesterday was Gay Pride March in NYC. Was too tired to post last night when I got in.

In memory of my Brenda I carried the new nyabn banner. There was a small turn out, only two of others showed up to help me carry the banner. As I suggested one of them, "J", brought a sign in memory of Brenda. We moved up to march behind Birequest. So it was me, “J” and her BF, "V".

The most moving thing happened when we got the 5th Avenue and 8th street. "Poly" Ben S (the singer) saw us and jumped in to say hi. Well he was wearing a picture of Brenda on his shirt and it almost brought me to tears [well maybe a few]. He stayed just long enough for me to take a few pictures of him. [will edit later after they are posted somewhere].

Another interesting thing happed after the march. We (J, V, and myself) went up town to eat with birequest oa a place on 6 Ave. and 16th Street and when I got there I notice I lost my cell phone. It turns out I must of droped it getting in the cab. We I browwed V cell can called mine. The person who founded it said he would leave it in the donut shop on the corner. And yes when I went there later it was there. And yes there was not "extra" calls on my phone. May he win the lottery the next time he plays it :)

Doing online work today because I have to go to a 2:30 meeting in manhattan (I work in Queens) and it easier for me to leave from home.

I hope that ther rest of pride month goes well for all. And remember that on the 28th will be a year.


PS: J is not out at work and because of her job I am only using letters till I get an ok.

Also if you was there and have pictures I would love to get some.
Tags: brendahoward, pride

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