-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

arisia 2007 Con report

I guess it's my turn to post an arisia con report.

Got there on Thursday like last year and had great connections going from amtrak to the "T" (red line) to the CT2 bus to the hotel.

Found badgerthorazine waiting for me in the lobby and I checked us into the hotel.

Since we where going to help out in the in the con suite we was given a room on the second floor (it was hidden on the other side of the restaurant). I did work in the Con suite (about 21+ hours in total), but Badger worked guarding the dealer's room door and in Fast Track.

Friday Morning, I did a lot of work helping setting up the con suit and doing a soda/food run.
Friday night I did something I NEVER did before at ANY con, I was ON a panel ("Leather Folk, Ren Faire, Star Trek: Connections") and had a wonderful time.

Saturday: I helped in the Con Suite again and went to see some panels as well as doing my second panel ("Explaining Polyamory").

Sunday was mostly just a hang-out day talking to people. I did go to the Gripe Session and the Dead Dog Party!

Overall I ran into a number of the LJ people I know (not list in any order), from other con's (lunacon) or only on LJ:

madfilkentist ceciliatan dcseain happypete prettypammie mistypen jbadger nancylebov nightstalker persis rosefox sinboy

That's all the LJ I can remember for now...will edit later. I will also add more information when I can.

Also A special *HUG* goes debkitty who lost her grand uncle this weekend.
Tags: arisia, cons, first time

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