-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

My rollercoaster life the past 7-days AND a POLL!

The last 7-days have been a rollercoaster for me.

Wednesday March 7th.

I got home to find out that my Wireless router stopped working. [PISSED!]

Thursday March 8th

I took the router and power supply to work to ask one of the tech people to look at it. One did and found out that the power supply is working so it must be the router. Called Customer Service, gave all the information they needed and was told that someone would call be back. NO ONE DID. [PISSED]

Saturday March 10th.

When to Staples to buy a new wireless router and some stuff I need for Lunacon. [OK]

Sunday March 11th.

While doing more setup of the wireless the work laptop I was using went into hibernation mode because of the battery. I plugged it in but it would mot boot back up. [SCARED!]

I went to the to “NYC-POLY” discussion meeting at 5:00 (a yahoo group I belong to).

Had fun, there was about 7 people and I T-H-I-N-K I met someone!! [HAPPY!]

Got home re-checked taptop again and it STILL DOES NOT WORK!! [VERY SCARED!]

Monday March 12th.

I took the laptop and power supply to work to ask one of the tech people to look at it. One did and found out that the machine WILL power up! (good be cause its been to long since I backup anything).

Got home and tried to turn the laptop on again and it STOP WORKING again.  Will this time I did not panic, I just held the machine like the tech person did and it started up.

Tuesday March 13th.

Went to Staples and brought an external hard drive and backup the laptop! A night after doing my wash. I got a call from the person that will be watching Bustopher for me this weekend. Tired and with a headache, I found myself raising my voice to her. Luckily, I was able to calm down.

Wednesday March 14th.

I will complete my packing for tomorrow I go to LUNACON!

BTW Who is going?

Poll #946660 So who is going to Lunacon 50

Are you going to Lunacon*50 (2007)

Yes, See you there!
No, Can not make it this year
No, just too far away.
No, some other reason
What's Lunacon?
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