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WELL THE MEMORIAL WENT VERY WELL [Jul. 31st, 2005|07:25 pm]
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It's 7:30 pm and I am home and the memorial for Brenda is over. Had about 60 people. 2 speaker of the schedule speakers did not show. This is also true for Dyke-TV. I was able to record on my Digital Camera MOST of the memorial got 2:19:53 with one gap and missing the last few speakers.
The sound is not great but you can here most of it.

It have on the memory card 3 files with the lengths of (1:19:12, :02, 1:00:41) I was going to put the two bigger files up but they might
be to big the first is 478,113KB and the third is 326,991kb

I think that there is something in the camera memory. I think the camera cable it at work, will look tomorrow.

- Larry -

[User Picture]From: indifferenthues
2005-08-01 03:46 am (UTC)

Missing Brenda

Dear Larry,

I don't know if we ever met, but I am yet another friend of Brenda's. I knew her from various places including NYABN, BiPAC, ActUp, Queer Nation, PONY, etc., etc.

It did not seem to me that much time had passed at all, but in reality I guess hadn't seen her for a while. I knew that she had moved to Queens, [so happy . . . a wonderful loving situation . . . "she has a great family now" . . . her life is good . . . all she could ever have wanted & all she deserved, etc., etc., ], I was told by acquaintances when we'd run into each other & I'd inquire. But knew little of the particulars.

Then a much forwarded e-mail reached me saying that Brenda was sick.

While I was reading it in confusion ["Brenda? Wait, you mean Brenda Howard? What do you mean Brenda's sick? How sick? You mean very sick? "], then looking for old addresses and phone numbers, etc., another message reached me that she was dead.

I can still hardly believe it. I finally thought to "google" her this evening and have found all this.

So it's real, it's not "some other Brenda Howard". This is not some terrible mistake. I am staring in tears at those pictures of her so sick . . . .

I know somewhere I have some picture of happier times. I will look for them and when found will scan and send.

With warmest regards,
Cynthia Connors
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[User Picture]From: lordlnyc
2005-08-01 04:20 am (UTC)

Re: Missing Brenda

[Firt I would like to thank you for you kind words]
I trid to send to everyone that was in her hotmail and yahoo contacts list. Many emails can back.

When Brenda moved to Queens it was to move in with me. that was in Jan 2001. But really it was way before that from at least June 2000 she was staying with me alot and by I say Aug. or Sept. she was mostly her with me. I closes my opening speach at the memorial today with these words "we were together only 5 very short years, but they where the very best 5 years of my live. Her passing leaves a hole that will never be filled."

I will happylly put up any picture yo send me. All the years we where together brenda did not like her picture taken (and would not tell me why). I might have 1-2 pictures somewhere in the Apt. but when I was doing the webpage I need something to put up and they where the only photos I had. I brought a new camera so I could finally take some. The others and others in them or she turned her head. There is one where she turns her head and I am in the picture I migh add that one to the mix. I am also thinking for makeing a few photo pages and leaving only a few on the "main" page.
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[User Picture]From: lordlnyc
2005-08-01 04:42 am (UTC)

Re: Missing Brenda

I should has added that I made a LJ Community for Brenda, its called what else brendahoward. Please feel free to join (if you have hot already) and pass this information on to others. Her friends that have LJ accounts can posts their thoughts there.

- Larry -
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