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Do you want a permanent LJ account? [May. 5th, 2007|01:26 pm]
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Read this on news!

Do you Want a permanent LJ account?
Well, they're going on sale in June.

I plan to get mine. If you been paying for a account then this is obviously a very good investment.

How much do they cost?

For $150, you can enjoy LiveJournal for the rest of your life.
What are the benefits of a Permanent Account?

* All the cool features offered to Paid Accounts
* 10GB of storage, the most that we offer
* No ads on your journal or LJ (as long as you're logged in, of course)
* The highest limit of userpics available - right now it's 137 and it's always increasing
* Never worry about making another payment

So if you want the max on userpics, lots of space for pictures and never have to worry about making a payment again, then use the above link to go to the announcement page and click on the link to request to be notified by email as soon as permanent accounts go on sale.