-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,


Larry Nelson PFLAG-Queens Board Member & NYABN Computer Team Leader March 2006

Hey I just found out there is a nice picture (see left) of me in the photo montage currently being displayed on the PFLAG's "Stay Close" MySpace Page. I am the 13th picture in the montage. I just happed to be looking at it and saw it!

The photo was taken the weekend of March 25-26th 2006 at the 13th annual Original GLBT Expo at the Javits Convention Center. I was there volunteering at a table, giving out literature, talking to people, etc. for both the NYABN and of course the Queens Chapter of PFLAG.

BTW: In case you did not know, I am on the board of the Queens (NYC) Chapter of PFLAG. (outreach/media chair). Oh yes, We are having a special Community forum about "The Gay Marriage Issue” on May 20th. All are invited to attend.

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