-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

Polish Ombudsman Backs Off Tinky Winky Gay Probe

Polish Ombudsman Backs Off Tinky Winky Gay Probe
Source: www.365gay.com

(Warsaw) A day after she received international scorn for telling a Polish publication she had asked for a report on whether Tinky Winky and other Teletubbies are promoting homosexuality to children, the country's ombudsman for children is backing down.

Ewa Sowinska had told a popular Polish magazine said she was concerned the popular show promoted homosexuality to unsuspecting minors. "I noticed that he has a purse..." Sowinska told a weekly paper.

Her remarks were immediately likened to those several years ago of the late US evangelist Jerry Falwell who accused Tinky Winky of being gay because he carried a purse.

Sowinska's remarks were picked up by newspapers around the world sparking ridicule.

Tuesday she was backpedaling.

Although Winky posted a $100,000 bond yesterday, today he really is a free man. All charges have been dropped.

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