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Hi all;

My friend Geri AKA cyan_blue posted this in her LiveJournal on Wednesday about friends of her's that need help with a vet bill. Since that night was my Brenda's yahrzeit, I made a small donation in her memory. I also plan to make another donation soon this time in memory of our cat Boots, who passed in February of 2004. When Boots passed away Brenda cried for months.

PLEASE read her post which I have copied below then click here to go to her post where you will find a paypal "Make A Donation" button.


Please contribute a bit towards Oberon's care (or link to this post, if you can't) - thanks!

Hi everyone,

As you may have heard, purplerabbit's, airshipjones's uncledark's beloved Maine Coon cat Oberon has recently been diagnosed with diabetes. The good news is that it's treatable; the bad news is that it is costly to treat. The upcoming vet visits will cost about $500, and a year's supply of insulin will cost another $500. They cannot afford this - they have even had to put off their own medical treatments for things like cavities and fibromyalgia, due to the money just not being there. They are even considering seeing if there is someone else who can afford to pay for treatments who can adopt Oberon, but it would really be best for feline and humans alike if there were a way for Oberon to stay with his people.

If folks are able and willing to donate whatever they can towards these medical costs, that would be so very appreciated. Even small amounts are welcomed. If you can't afford to donate, please consider forwarding this post to others who might be able to. The community has come together to help others in times of need through things like disability and house fires, and I am hoping that it can come together another time to collectively help with this one.

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