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updating yesterday's scheduled [Jun. 17th, 2007|11:15 am]
Sat 16
1. 9:45 AM The traditional egalitarian minyan (CBST) on Bethune Street.
Got there at 9:20 - I said the mourner's Kaddish for Brenda - the service was longer then I thought it would be. Did not end till 1:20 so I was unable to make HOP's Marshal Training. So I stayed for kiddush afterwards.

2. 1:00 PM HOP Marshal Training, St. Veronica’s Church on Christopher St.
As I said, I did not go to Marshal Training. I will have to go to their last class which is on the Tuesday the 19th.

3. 6:00 PM Leather Pride Night
Got there at about 7pm. The placed was PACKED! Ran into a lot of the people I know. Met some people for the first time I know from Livejournal (*WAVES*). Afterwards, I want to the TES play party at paddles.


As for today, I will be going to Folsom Street East XI. It is on 28th Street (Btwn 10th and 11th ave) in New York City and runs from 2pm-8pm.