-Larry- (lordlnyc) wrote,

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I go home today

I am still with my friends Badger badgerthorazine and Jeremy, having a wonderful time.

NOTE: A special THANK YOU ! goes to indifferenthues for all the great work she have put in on fixing not only Brenda's LJ
Community brendahoward but also her picture page http://www.nyabn.org/brenda/pictures/BrendaPhotos.html
and the NEW NYABN webpage at http://www.nyabn.org

I leave the safety of the Badger lair to go home today. Will be on the 5:35pm train.

Still missing her!

- Larry -

My mood is ALSO touched and happy and sad ALL at the same time but I need to get home Bustopher is most likely missing me I bet.

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