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I Keep Finding Dimes

I already posted this to the brendahoward community

I meant to post this when it first happened but after finding the third dime. I felt that I needed to say something about it. The first one was at the Bus stop where I pick-up the Bus to goto work. I was a little down and was looking down on the ground and saw a dime. When I picked it up and look at it I saw it as dated 1994 (the year we first met). The Second was this Monday (the 15th). When I went to bed I found a Dime on it. I did have some changed on it in the morning, but took all of it off before I went to work. This one was dated 2005. The third was today when I woke up I found another Dime on the bed again this is dated 1965 (to me that date has no meaning). I should add that I found the ones on the bed on her side.

BTW Since we met in the latter part on 1994, we knew each other for 10+ years.

Does anyone have any in-site to this.

- Larry -

[updated 8/19 found another one: Thursday night 8/18 on my way to bed, I found one more on top of a bookcase of hers downstairs date=2004]

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