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I miss my Earthgirl :(

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5 June 1958
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On 6/28/05 10:40AM I lost the most special person in my life. My earthgirl Brenda Howard. brendahoward

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it has been....

Bisexuality is Real.


Marriage is love.

Gay rights, equality.
Everyone should be the same.

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Abortion Is Not A Crime.

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  1. bi-sexual women:
    My late partner brendahoward was a bisexual woman (and mother of pride). I Have a LDR poly partner who is a bisexual woman. I know bisexual women who are "only-friends" and some who are FWB.
  2. butts:
    So I like butts the are nice to play with and spank and you know what.
  3. cunnilingus:
    Ok I like to go down on a women and make her come as many time as I can and she can put up with ;)
  4. fandom:
    Not much to say about this I love going to science fiction conventions.
  5. i ♥ >1:
    I am poly should cover it.
  6. nipple piercings:
    I like the way a nipple piercing look on a woman. I would love that the next person I go out have at least one done.
  7. pierced nipples:
    same as before
  8. sadism:
    That what I do if you want me to :)
  9. spanking:
    I like to spank butts, tits, and other female parts.
  10. wicca. :
    My late sister was wicca and I am interest in learning more about it

(2/18/06 - finally edited the typos)

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